Monday, May 9, 2011

Lab 6 parachute games !!

This was are final lab at St Mary's and it was fun as usual.  Today we had pre k again and it was very fun to play in the classrooms with them.  We played a lot of games and played with the toys.  Then it was snack time and after that i read the class a book which was very fun.  Then it was time to go to the gym wit pre k and we played some fun parachute games like popcorn. Finally we cooled down all the kids by making a huge wave of air with the parachute with the kids enjoyed a lot.  It was a good end to a great year at St Mary's!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Detective Scavenger activity !!

This activity was a pleasant surprise for us all.  I went to the gym thinking i had lab prep 6 but when i got to park center we were told we were doing a different activity.  We found out we were doing a scavenger hunt to figure out where a missing teacher was.  Overall i liked this activity because it was something new and i thought the scavenger hunt allowed you to get good exercise in both your mind and body.  We had to run all over for the scavenger hunt and at the end i was out of breath.  But my team was the first to find out where the missing teacher was and for it we got a sticker (how exciting).

Lab 5 Easter bunny !!

 Lab 5 was a great time.  Although it was after Easter time we still tried to keep the Easter spirit in our lab group.  We had the pre K group for this lab and we got to play outside for over an hour.  I had a great time playing outside with the kids and it was nos stop activity.  I felt like the kids never got tired but i did my best to keep up with them.  Then we came inside for snack and story time which we all enjoyed spending with the kids.  Finally we ran a few games with some obstacles for the kids to dribble around because one of the motor skills for the week was dribbling.  Overall another great lab!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Concussions In sports

I think concussions in sports is a major issue now and even more so into the future.  Although we all like seeing pro athletes do what they do best, it doesn't mean its right.  I will be the first to say their is nothing better than a huge hit in hockey or Football and the list goes on.  The problem is were sitting on our couches watching this happen not thinking of the consequences for the players.  These huge hits that lead to concussions have shown in research to have long term damage to the athletes. So although it may not show its self right away and the athlete may return after sitting out a few games, it still doesn't change the facts.  Down the road those athletes lives are going to be changes due to the concussions and no one is going to care much for that athlete after they are off the field.  Although i am not sure if it is possible to completely take concussions out of the game.  The commissioners of professional leagues can still implement rules to help prevent them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinosaur Train lab 4 !!

Today was a great lab 4.  It was a little crazy at times but after the kids were under control it was a great lab.  I was the special projects today so i mostly just hung up posters and helped out with anything needed.  At the end i ran the song and i think overall it went well the song was called Im a T-rex.  Then we finished off the day with a the cheer which was a load dinosaur roar!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kinect is the way to go !

I think this is the next great system for active movers.  This system has the moving aspect for video games which is so important.  But it has no remote or controller.  It senses you and calculates your height so it works for any age.  Speaking from experience this is a great system and is really fun to play.  I felt like it was very realistic and i felt like i was in the game.  I think everyone should have a kinect system in their home and it would also be great for parties or for a group of people to play together.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Active gaming !

I think this idea can revolutionize the way kids stay active on a daily basis.  In today's world kids are starting to use video games and technology more and more.  I think the idea of keeping kids active while playing video games can keep us from getting to dependent on technology and keep the obesity rate from rising.  If we are able to make this transition from sitting and watching a screen to becoming active with the game it can save are society from becoming morbidly obese.  This is something we should be looking into changing in the near future and should try and advance technology to fit this type of gaming.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Western Lab 3 Yeeee haa !

In today's lab i ran the games again.  This week was much different from the last because i fond the kids were much less focused on the games and really didn't want to participate at first.  But me and my group stayed persistent and confident in our games and eventually the kids started to enjoy them.  This week the loco-motor skills were much more difficult and the younger kids struggled with them.  I noticed they had trouble putting the steps of the skills together and doing the skill while they were playing the game.  I think it was a lot for them to think about the rules of our games and at the same time do the locomotive skill.  Overall this was another great lab and i think we did really well in the western themes and the kids enjoyed the labs.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lab 2 Cartoon Madness !

Overall i would say Lab 2 was a success. Although their were definitely some bumps in the road. For this lab i was one of the students teaching a game. I went first in the group and i was immediately suprised at how crazy and wild the young kids were. It was hard to keep them focused and get them to understand the directions to the game. After i was done with the games we went down to the cafeteria and i played legos with the kids for most of the time. I found that the kids copied what i did so i had to make sure i set a good example for the kids.

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Ch 3 fireworks!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run through for lab 2 !

This was are 2nd lab and it was a blast.  We were not able to go St. Marys so we had to work in one of our gyms at Cortland.  We ran through the process of what we will be doing when we go back to St. Marys and then had some of the T.As take us through some warm up tag games.  We started with a walk and then moved on to hops, skips, and other forms of running.  Then we had a chat with are specific T.As and asked them any questions we had.  Then it was time for the kids to run there own games.  I went first for the class even though i was a little nervous overall it went well although i had a minor error or two.  That is what this lab was for working on our mistakes so we don't make them when we got to St. Marys and have to do our game in front of the kids.  Overall it was a fun lab and it helped prepare me for when i have to go back to St. Marys.

Monday, February 14, 2011

First lab blast off !

My first experience at St Marys was a good time.  During the summer i am a camp counselor so this is very similar to what i do all summer long.  It was very easy to adapt to the kids environment and interact with them.  The kids listened relatively well and i noticed that as the age of the kids went up they were able to focus more and listen better.  The kids do remain on task for a period of time but if they do an activity for to long they are easily distracted and lose focus.  The kids are motivated to play when they see that you as the teacher are interested and excited about the game you are teaching them to play.  I had a great time playing soccer and knock out with the kids in thew gym.  I also enjoyed spending time with the kids in the cafeteria and getting to know them better.  I noticed that the kids didn't handle the cafeteria as well as the gym because they weren't able to move around a lot and be active.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Assignment #1

Both fundamental skill development and assessment are important components of becoming a good physical educator.  Both of these are necessary to help make sure young kids today grow up caring about their health and well being.  The first component is fundamental skill development which is helping the kids to learn motor skills that they keep for later on in life.  These are skills that as physical educators we teach young kids in the hope that they can build off what we have taught them in there phys ed class.  This helps them to learn to move around and be active.  Also it helps to engage their brains because they have to think about the movements and skills we have taught them and recall them.  The assessment component of physical education helps in a few ways.  First it shows students if they have anything they need to work on and what they are already good at and move on from their.  For the teacher, assessments help to show what students are struggling with a skill and allows them to give that student individual help.  Also when students are being assessed they tend to focus more because they want to have a good grade in the class.  Without assessment it is hard to tell if a class has grasped onto certain skills and when you can move on to the next progression as a Physical educator.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1st blog

This is my first blog to this page.  I am excited to be in PED 201 and am ready to learn how to become a better teacher.  Over the break i just worked to earn money before i came back to school.  In are first class we went over what will be required of us to become a physical educator.  I am excited to be in this class because it will help me to become a better teacher and in this class we get to interact with kids for the first time at Cortland.