Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run through for lab 2 !

This was are 2nd lab and it was a blast.  We were not able to go St. Marys so we had to work in one of our gyms at Cortland.  We ran through the process of what we will be doing when we go back to St. Marys and then had some of the T.As take us through some warm up tag games.  We started with a walk and then moved on to hops, skips, and other forms of running.  Then we had a chat with are specific T.As and asked them any questions we had.  Then it was time for the kids to run there own games.  I went first for the class even though i was a little nervous overall it went well although i had a minor error or two.  That is what this lab was for working on our mistakes so we don't make them when we got to St. Marys and have to do our game in front of the kids.  Overall it was a fun lab and it helped prepare me for when i have to go back to St. Marys.

Monday, February 14, 2011

First lab blast off !

My first experience at St Marys was a good time.  During the summer i am a camp counselor so this is very similar to what i do all summer long.  It was very easy to adapt to the kids environment and interact with them.  The kids listened relatively well and i noticed that as the age of the kids went up they were able to focus more and listen better.  The kids do remain on task for a period of time but if they do an activity for to long they are easily distracted and lose focus.  The kids are motivated to play when they see that you as the teacher are interested and excited about the game you are teaching them to play.  I had a great time playing soccer and knock out with the kids in thew gym.  I also enjoyed spending time with the kids in the cafeteria and getting to know them better.  I noticed that the kids didn't handle the cafeteria as well as the gym because they weren't able to move around a lot and be active.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Assignment #1

Both fundamental skill development and assessment are important components of becoming a good physical educator.  Both of these are necessary to help make sure young kids today grow up caring about their health and well being.  The first component is fundamental skill development which is helping the kids to learn motor skills that they keep for later on in life.  These are skills that as physical educators we teach young kids in the hope that they can build off what we have taught them in there phys ed class.  This helps them to learn to move around and be active.  Also it helps to engage their brains because they have to think about the movements and skills we have taught them and recall them.  The assessment component of physical education helps in a few ways.  First it shows students if they have anything they need to work on and what they are already good at and move on from their.  For the teacher, assessments help to show what students are struggling with a skill and allows them to give that student individual help.  Also when students are being assessed they tend to focus more because they want to have a good grade in the class.  Without assessment it is hard to tell if a class has grasped onto certain skills and when you can move on to the next progression as a Physical educator.