Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run through for lab 2 !

This was are 2nd lab and it was a blast.  We were not able to go St. Marys so we had to work in one of our gyms at Cortland.  We ran through the process of what we will be doing when we go back to St. Marys and then had some of the T.As take us through some warm up tag games.  We started with a walk and then moved on to hops, skips, and other forms of running.  Then we had a chat with are specific T.As and asked them any questions we had.  Then it was time for the kids to run there own games.  I went first for the class even though i was a little nervous overall it went well although i had a minor error or two.  That is what this lab was for working on our mistakes so we don't make them when we got to St. Marys and have to do our game in front of the kids.  Overall it was a fun lab and it helped prepare me for when i have to go back to St. Marys.

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