Monday, February 14, 2011

First lab blast off !

My first experience at St Marys was a good time.  During the summer i am a camp counselor so this is very similar to what i do all summer long.  It was very easy to adapt to the kids environment and interact with them.  The kids listened relatively well and i noticed that as the age of the kids went up they were able to focus more and listen better.  The kids do remain on task for a period of time but if they do an activity for to long they are easily distracted and lose focus.  The kids are motivated to play when they see that you as the teacher are interested and excited about the game you are teaching them to play.  I had a great time playing soccer and knock out with the kids in thew gym.  I also enjoyed spending time with the kids in the cafeteria and getting to know them better.  I noticed that the kids didn't handle the cafeteria as well as the gym because they weren't able to move around a lot and be active.

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