Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Active gaming !

I think this idea can revolutionize the way kids stay active on a daily basis.  In today's world kids are starting to use video games and technology more and more.  I think the idea of keeping kids active while playing video games can keep us from getting to dependent on technology and keep the obesity rate from rising.  If we are able to make this transition from sitting and watching a screen to becoming active with the game it can save are society from becoming morbidly obese.  This is something we should be looking into changing in the near future and should try and advance technology to fit this type of gaming.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Western Lab 3 Yeeee haa !

In today's lab i ran the games again.  This week was much different from the last because i fond the kids were much less focused on the games and really didn't want to participate at first.  But me and my group stayed persistent and confident in our games and eventually the kids started to enjoy them.  This week the loco-motor skills were much more difficult and the younger kids struggled with them.  I noticed they had trouble putting the steps of the skills together and doing the skill while they were playing the game.  I think it was a lot for them to think about the rules of our games and at the same time do the locomotive skill.  Overall this was another great lab and i think we did really well in the western themes and the kids enjoyed the labs.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lab 2 Cartoon Madness !

Overall i would say Lab 2 was a success. Although their were definitely some bumps in the road. For this lab i was one of the students teaching a game. I went first in the group and i was immediately suprised at how crazy and wild the young kids were. It was hard to keep them focused and get them to understand the directions to the game. After i was done with the games we went down to the cafeteria and i played legos with the kids for most of the time. I found that the kids copied what i did so i had to make sure i set a good example for the kids.

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Ch 3 fireworks!