Monday, April 18, 2011

Concussions In sports

I think concussions in sports is a major issue now and even more so into the future.  Although we all like seeing pro athletes do what they do best, it doesn't mean its right.  I will be the first to say their is nothing better than a huge hit in hockey or Football and the list goes on.  The problem is were sitting on our couches watching this happen not thinking of the consequences for the players.  These huge hits that lead to concussions have shown in research to have long term damage to the athletes. So although it may not show its self right away and the athlete may return after sitting out a few games, it still doesn't change the facts.  Down the road those athletes lives are going to be changes due to the concussions and no one is going to care much for that athlete after they are off the field.  Although i am not sure if it is possible to completely take concussions out of the game.  The commissioners of professional leagues can still implement rules to help prevent them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinosaur Train lab 4 !!

Today was a great lab 4.  It was a little crazy at times but after the kids were under control it was a great lab.  I was the special projects today so i mostly just hung up posters and helped out with anything needed.  At the end i ran the song and i think overall it went well the song was called Im a T-rex.  Then we finished off the day with a the cheer which was a load dinosaur roar!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kinect is the way to go !

I think this is the next great system for active movers.  This system has the moving aspect for video games which is so important.  But it has no remote or controller.  It senses you and calculates your height so it works for any age.  Speaking from experience this is a great system and is really fun to play.  I felt like it was very realistic and i felt like i was in the game.  I think everyone should have a kinect system in their home and it would also be great for parties or for a group of people to play together.