Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lab 1 Classroom Management

1.) Why do class management and effective teaching go hand in hand throughout every day of teaching?
Class management is very important to an effective teacher.  Class management allows the class to flow and gives students the maximum opportunity for being active.  Class management is very important during the first week, to establish class rules that will be used throughout the entire year.  An effective teacher uses efficient management skills and is in control of the class.

2.) Why should your list of class rules be short and positive?
Class rules should be short so you don't lose the attention of your students.  At the elementary level this can be a major hurdle in all the activities you plan.  The rules should be positive to encourage the students to follow them.

3.) List three reasons why students enjoy the squad structure as well as three reasons why teachers benefit from employing the squad square structure for management.
Students enjoy the squad structure because it keeps them from getting singled out and puts them on a team. Students also enjoy the structure of knowing which group they are in each day.  Student like work with other teammates to conquer tasks. The squad structure helps teachers to quickly get the students into groups, keep the class organized, and e able to see all the students faces.

4.) What common elements do all of the activities in this management lab share?
All of the activities in lab 1 deal with introductory tasks.  The main focuses are teamwork, communication, and boundaries.  These activities are used to get the students more comfortable with the class and the teacher.

5.) How is the effective domain addressed in this lesson? How is the psychomotor domain addressed in this lesson? How is the cognitive domain addressed in this lesson?

The effective domain is addresses through the "Buddies game" and "The magic door".  Both of these activities worked on teamwork with classmates and communication skills. The psychomotor domain was covered in almost all these activities because movement skills with incorporated into most games.  For example hoping on 1 foot or skipping. The cognitive domain was addressed at the beginning of class through questions. Also the " Magic string" activity helped with the alphabet because the students had to spell there names out.


Secret student:  At the beginning of the class, secretly pick one child in the class to be your "Secret Student" for the day. If this child moves appropriately in line, the whole line "wins". The students don't know who the student is so they try their best.

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  1. Good reflection Kyle. I love the activity the secret student! Great find!