Sunday, February 12, 2012

Field Experience Day 3 - February 10th, 2012

2.) Knowledge of students:

Today was my second day of field experience at St Mary's.  The students today basically had open recess. Although this is not the way we are taught as teacher candidates to teach a class. It allowed me to connect with the students on a more individual level.  The students had to remain active but could play any activity using the equipment they had.  St Mary's has a lot of equipment for the students and they had a variety of options.  I worked my way around the gym learning new names and trying to connect with the students. It was very interesting seeing the students group together with certain students and start their own games.  One group was playing a small football game, while another group was playing a kick ball game.  Some of the more creative kids made a fort out of the mats and nets.  I then helped them turn it into a game, where one group of students was trying to defend all the balls and the other group of students was trying to retrieve the balls without getting tagged.  I enjoyed seeing the students be themselves and got to connect and learn some new faces.  This was a good experience and I left today having learned some interesting things about the students on a more individual level.

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