Sunday, February 12, 2012

Field Experience Day 4 - February 10th, 2012

8.) Communication with colleagues, others:

During my field experience today I used good communication with my colleagues.  Both with my master teacher and my lab partner. First we discussed what was planned for the two classes and what  we needed to do.  Although it was a open recess type class my lab partner and I rotated around to all the different groups of students.  While the master teacher monitored the whole class from a distance.  Throughout the class my lab partner and I communicated well and worked as a team to make sure all the students were being active.  If there was an issue we made sure one person attended to the situation, while the other kept watching the rest of the class. The master teacher gave us some helpful tips for behavior management.  He explained when it would be better to be less aggressive and more stern in certain situations. I also tried to communicate well with the students. I worked on learning the students names and what they like to do, which was made easier because it was open recess.

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