Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lab 10 Imagination !

1.) Identify a fitness theme and design appropriate fitness stations to enhance various health and skill related components of fitness.
Theme: Agility

Station 1: have students jump in and out of a hula hoop, working on speed and agility.

Station 2: Set up jump ropes and have the students jump back and forth or side to side of the rope.

Station 3: Set up a object to have the students step up on. have them work on quickly transitioning from step up to step down.

2.) Identify people that are famous for use of imagination and creativity such as Einstein, Picasso and Bach.

3.) Design a rubric for assessing the acting-out of inanimate objects by students in small groups as described in the activity close of this lab.
I would use a checklist for assessing the students.

                                                                     Y                      N                        Needs practice in...                  
All group members involved

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