Friday, February 24, 2012

Lab 11 Parachute Fitness and Yoga

1.) Find information on the history of the parachute and how a parachute works.
The parachute was first sketched by Leonardo Da Vinci. The first successful jump was in 1791 by Andrew Garnerin. The design and safety of the parachute advanced through the years and has changed a lot to become what it is today.

2.) Create a parachute routine composed of various parachute activities learned in class.
I would start the routine by teaching the students how to unroll and roll up the parachute. Then I would have the students work on moving with the parachute and performing different loco motor skills. Then I would have the students make a cloud and while inside have them work on math and English skills. Such as multiples of two or the alphabet. Then have the students do a popcorn activity and work on getting all the balls outside the parachute as fast as possible. As the students become more comfortable with the parachute increase the difficulty of the tasks to challenge them.

3.) Practice the yoga routine for a week and keep journal of how you feel.
The yoga routine is designed to help you focus your mind and relax any tensions you may have.

4.) Use stick figures to diagram each pose in the Salute to the Sun yoga routine.

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