Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lab 16 four stages of game play

1.)    The students I observed at St Mary's during my field experience were in their floor hockey unit. The students were performing at the stage 2 level because they were beginning to combine skills but had not gone into offense and defensive strategies. The students were at the 4th and 5th grade level so it is common for the students to be at level 2.  The students were doing a lot of drills  but were not working with partners or adding defenders. I think if they incorporated partners into the activities it would add some difficulty and help the students work on improving their skills. Also as a teacher be able to explain to the students were the best places to be on the court for both defense and offense, working on rotation and moving as a team.

2.) Explain how you would use the four stages of game play by Rink ( 1985 ) as a rubric with students in your own physical education classes.

I would use the four stages to assess the ability of my students.  This rubric allows me as a teacher to know what progressions to start at so it fits the students ability.  I would not use this as a grading tool but more as a guide to assess student learning.

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