Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lab 7 Jump Rope!!

1.) Can a child in a wheelchair enter the front door and the back door? What modifications would you make?
Yes a wheelchair student could enter the front and back door.  You would need to people to help the student. Have one person on each side to lift the wheel chair when the rope comes around.  To modify the activity, you may need to use a larger rope and have the students moving the rope go slower.

2.) How would you apply goal setting to this lesson?
Each activity for the jump rope lesson has the students succeeding.  This can relate to goal setting because the students get use to success, which as a teacher you can relate to real life situations outside of school.

3.) Design a long rope jumping routine for a pair of students jumping at the same time.
Have the students see how many times they can jump back and forth over the jump rope. Have the jump rope on the ground and have the students go for a minute and see who can get the most jumps.

4.) Create a checklist of critical elements to look for and use in teaching basic, two foot rope jumping.
                                                                    Y                  N                 Needs practice in
Swing your arms
Bend knees
Soft knees

5.) Describe how you would go about organizing a rope jumping club for your elementary school.
To get a jump rope club started I would propose the idea to the principal of the school.  Explaining the positive of the club for the health and fitness of the students.  Show them the interest in the club and try to see what students are interested .

6.) What is stimulus variation and explain?
Stimulus variation is a teachers ability to stimulate students, increase active participation, increase enthusiasm, and avoid boredom. For example if you notice you students are dazing off or look bored, stop what your doing and have the students do a quick activity to get the moving and the blood pumping.

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