Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lab 8 Hula hoops

1.)  Explain three important benefits of hoop play.
Hula hoops help students work on their hand-eye coordination, which is a very import skill to work on at a young age. Helps students work on jumping, landing and other basic motor skills. Also you can teach students other subject matter through the use of the hula hoops. Teamwork is another easy concept to incorporate into hoop play.

2.)  Give an example of how hoops can be used to reinforce a cognitive concept linked with classroom learning.
The hoops are shaped in a circle. So you could use that and build of it with other shapes putting more than one hoop together and seeing what the students can create.

3.)  Describe how hoops can be utilized to promote growth in the affective domain.
Hoops can be used to teach students about teamwork through many different activities. Have students do activities that have the students work together to successfully accomplish the tasks.

4.)  Utilize the internet to gather information about ponds and related ecology to use in your field experience teaching or future teaching.
A pond is a body of water, either man made or natural smaller than a lake. A pond is a habitat for many different living things such as fish or birds. Without out this pond the animals would not have a home or habitat to live in.

5.)  Make a chart of Mosston's Teaching Styles and keep a record of how many of the styles you use in your teaching.

Guided Discovery
Learner Initiated
Self teaching

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