Sunday, March 11, 2012

Field Experience day 6 - March 2nd, 2012

6.) Skill themes and student abilities :

Today with my master teacher I discussed what skill theme would be the best to pre test on.  Focusing on a skill the students ability level was lower on to leave room for improvement on the post test.  Throughout my time at St Mary's and having talked to my master teacher I have found the students to be very skilled and have similar ability levels.  My master teacher discussed how it is very important to base the lesson around the students ability level. He explains how he prepares extra challenges because the students don't seem to struggle with basic tasks.  With that knowledge I tried to push the students today in the floor hockey unit. I always made sure the student was comfortable before I would add a challenge to the task. The activities were mostly in lines and I had 2 lines that I was monitoring and helping with the activities.  St Mary's is very lucky to have a great selection of equipment and it makes adding challenges and creating unique activities easy as a teacher.

Field Experience day 5 - March 2nd, 2012

4.) Management Strategies:

At St Mary's today I focused on watching how my master teacher handled the students and kept the class flowing. My master teacher would use discipline when necessary but didn't let one student disrupt the whole class. I talked with him about to quickly transition from activity to activity without wasting time.  Some teachers take to long explaining a task, when the students are capable of figuring out some things on their own.  The lesson today was floor hockey and we were assisting our master teacher with the different activities.  The class was broken down into 5 lines spread evenly throughout the gym.  I monitored the end 2 lines while the master teacher was in the middle with mike on the outside 2 lines.  Although sometimes lines can have to much time standing around, are master teacher created very good activities to keep the students active.  The main ideas he  stressed to me were making sure the students were active and productive.  Go into each lesson with a good outline and plan of how your going to teach each class.