Sunday, April 1, 2012

Field Experience day 7 - March 20th, 2012

1.) Reflection on lesson:

Today in class the students started with their run club.  This is a program they do every couple weeks and compile up laps to earn prizes and rewards. They run for 20 minutes and see how many laps they can run.  Me and Mike helped setting up the track for the run club and monitored the class while they ran their laps.  After they finished with run club they were given the rest of the class as free time.  Are master teacher had already set up their gymnastic equipment to let the students play around on it and start to get use to it because the students are starting a gymnastics unit next class.  Me and Mike went around interacting with the kids during the free time, while are master teacher monitored the whole class.  I try not to just give attention to a certain student and keep moving around.  I played basketball with some of the boys and played "house" with the girls. 

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