Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Field Experience day 18 - April 23th, 2012

2.) Knowledge of students:

For the lacrosse unit my master teacher said are class was very skilled in the unit.  He has done the unit before with the students and that was his form of a pre-assessment.  I noticed he skipped a lot of the more basic skills and went to the more advanced skills because of his previous knowledge. The students were very cooperative with my master teacher and most student were at the proficient level of the skill.

Field Experience day 17 - April 23th, 2012

1.) Reflection on lesson:

Today in class was the lacrosse unit.  Are master teacher went through the basic skills and the students seemed to be very good at the sport. When the students were doing the passing drills I helped the last group because their was odd numbers  I joined the group of two to even out the group and helped out with the drill.  Whatever  my master teacher needed I assisted him, including cleaning up the equipment and putting it away at the end of the class. Overall it was a well designed lesson and the students learned the basic skills of lacrosse.

Field Experience day 16 - April 20th, 2012

6.) Skill themes and student abilities:

For the lesson we taught we had to pre-assess the students to gauge their ability level. For the skill theme we chose balance because the gymnastics unit was coming up at St Mary's and we wanted to make it easy for are master teacher.  The students were very skilled and all were at the control level for balance.  It is very important to assess the students ability level because it makes it easier to create a lesson plan that fits that specific class.  No two lesson plans should be the same because every class is different and has different age and skill levels.

Field Experience day 15 - April 20th, 2012

1.) Reflection on lesson:

Today was are first day of teaching.  The lesson was on gymnastics and the skill theme was balance. We had stations set up and were rotating around making sure the students were on task.  This was are post assessment so we were recording how the students did at each of the station in relation to balance. At the end of the lesson we had a cognitive quiz to see what the students had learned.  The Students did very well on the quiz and we were very pleased with the results.  Overall the lesson was a success but we could have had a little better organization and flow to the lesson and have more challenges for the students.

Field Experience day 13 - April 16th, 2012

3.) Students with special needs:

Today during kickball we had some issues with are student with ADD.  His attention is very hard to hold and he can be disruptive to the class.  He was trying to take the ball away from the class and run around the gym so no one could play with it.  My master teacher pulled him to the side and warned him he would have to sit out if it happened again.  He had me keep an eye on the student and try to keep him focused and interested in the game.  I had to remind him a couple times throughout the class but overall he was much better and actually seemed to be enjoying the game.

Field Experience day 14 - April 16th, 2012

8.) Communications with colleagues:

Today in class the students again were given a chance to decide what they wanted to do.  They again chose kickball, which is their favorite sport to play as a class. Today are master teacher let the students pitch so we were just observing the class. I took this opportunity to discuss with my master teacher strategies on managing the class and using the class time effectively.  Although today was not a very productive day my master teacher has shown throughout are time at St Mary's he has a very effective way of organizing his lessons.  The flow of the lesson is something that has always been challenging for me and the tips my master teacher gave me were helpful in correcting some of my issues.